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Running 5K at Walt Disney World

I am not a runner. In fact, sport is not really something important in my life. I know, that’s not good, but I’m improving! So, quite recently, I began to run a little. Especially when I saw that I could

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Could you see Walt Disney World from space?

In Florida, Walt Disney World is huge (twice the surface of the island of Manhattan). However, from orbit, and according to NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman, you can’t see it with the eyes. Let’s examine this further with this article I

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A must-read Disney history book

« The Fairest One of All » is a book about the Making of Walt Disney’s Snow White. Its author, J.B. Kaufman, did a real masterpiece In the field of Disney history. Read my review on Disney Driven Life.

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Epcot’s indoor pyramid step by step

On Vine or Instagram it’s rather classical to see a time lapse showing a painting or a drawing in the making. So, why not do it one myself? Done! And it’s quite easy in fact. The subject is the indoor

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Horizons: the future we should have built

The image you see just above is a fantastic painting done by Disney Legend Herbert Ryman. As always he captures the essence of the attraction even if he’s only showing the building… Horizons was an attraction in EPCOT (Walt Disney

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How to end a Disney park vacation home movie

I’m making vacation home movies almost each time I go to a Disney Park. The problem is how to end that kind of movie and keep the spirit of such a vacation. My solution? A musical clip with images and videos

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Tilt-shifted Disney parks

Cet article de l’excellent The Disney Blog montre une vidéo officielle du parc Tokoyo Disneyland qui combine la méthode du Tilt-Shift (astuce photographique qui montre des bâtiments réels filmés comme des miniatures) et du Time-Lapse (images prises à intervalle et montées de

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Pourquoi Horizons ?
Why Horizons?

Un clin d'œil à l'attraction Horizons d'Epcot à Walt Disney World en Floride qui ferma ses portes en 1999. Elle montrait un futur optimiste !
An allusion to the Horizons attraction in Epcot, Walt Disney World (Florida), that was closed in 1999. It was showcasing a bright future!
Horizons (Wikipedia)

‪Vintage 1992 #StarTours #tokyodisneyland postcard! My wife found it in a forgotten box today. #disney‬ Rome éternelle.
Le Colisée. Lost In Broadway
Acrylic - 1x1 meter (39.37 inches)
My tribute to Broadway, a one of a kind place, in an already one of a kind city, New York.
Mon hommage à Broadway, un lieu unique dans une ville déjà unique, New York.
En vente sur/on sale on @saatchiart (international shipping included): ‪Just finished my first square meter canvas!‬
Je viens juste de finir mon premier tableau de 1 mètre carré !
‪Lost in Broadway‬
‪Acrylic - 1x1 m‬
‪Soon on my @saatchiart page:‬ Close up of a work in progress ;)
Détail d'une peinture en cours.
#abstractpainting Major Thom Snowy Fields
Acrylics - 80x80 cm
Inspired by a picture made from the ISS.