Running 5K at Walt Disney World

I am not a runner. In fact, sport is not really something important in my life. I know, that’s not good, but I’m improving!
So, quite recently, I began to run a little. Especially when I saw that I could do a 5K at Walt Disney World. Five kilometers? Seems to be possible for me. At night at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida? A unique way to enjoy this fantastic theme park!
So, I did it (see the video below).

And as I finished it, I’ve even received a medal! 😉

5k-everest 12

Read all the details about this 5K that was the last Expedition Everest Challenge on the article I wrote for The Disney Driven Life.

À propos

Né en France en 1966, je suis passionné par Disney, le spatial et l’astronomie depuis un voyage en Floride au milieu des années 1970 (logique : Walt Disney World et le Kennedy Space Center). Born in France in 1966, I have a passion for Disney, Space and Astronomy since a trip to Florida in the mid-seventies (logical: Walt Disney World et le Kennedy Space Center). An article about my passion for Disney and Space on The Disney Driven Life:

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Un clin d'œil à l'attraction Horizons d'Epcot à Walt Disney World en Floride qui ferma ses portes en 1999. Elle montrait un futur optimiste !
An allusion to the Horizons attraction in Epcot, Walt Disney World (Florida), that was closed in 1999. It was showcasing a bright future!
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