Horizons: the future we should have built

The image you see just above is a fantastic painting done by Disney Legend Herbert Ryman. As always he captures the essence of the attraction even if he’s only showing the building…
Horizons was an attraction in EPCOT (Walt Disney World, Florida) that, after showing how the future was envisioned in the past, was taking you on a time travel to tomorrow. But not only: the future showcased here was one where technology was used at its best for mankind with already at that time the idea to do it in a sustainable way. It closed in 1999 and ironically never saw the 21st century that EPCOT was all about at its opening. It is the future we should be living in, the future we should have built.
Maybe we still can!
So, let’s see what Horizons’ tomorrow was thanks to this fantastic video tribute by Martin.

Of course, Horizons has a special place in my mind and heart: that’s why it is also the title of this blog. Always hoping for a « great big beautiful tomorrow« .

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Né en France en 1966, je suis passionné par Disney, le spatial et l’astronomie depuis un voyage en Floride au milieu des années 1970 (logique : Walt Disney World et le Kennedy Space Center). Born in France in 1966, I have a passion for Disney, Space and Astronomy since a trip to Florida in the mid-seventies (logical: Walt Disney World et le Kennedy Space Center). An article about my passion for Disney and Space on The Disney Driven Life: http://thedisneydrivenlife.com/2014/07/19/the-disney-lifestyle-from-passion-to-sharing-sharing-saturdays/

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Pourquoi Horizons ?
Why Horizons?

Un clin d'œil à l'attraction Horizons d'Epcot à Walt Disney World en Floride qui ferma ses portes en 1999. Elle montrait un futur optimiste !
An allusion to the Horizons attraction in Epcot, Walt Disney World (Florida), that was closed in 1999. It was showcasing a bright future!
Horizons (Wikipedia)

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